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K's Containers in Denton, Texas, offers storage containers/units for a multitude of uses.
Looking for Shipping Containers? We Have What You Need!

Shipping Containers in Denton, Texas

K's Containers in Denton, TX offers storage containers for a multitude of uses. Our industrial containers range in size from 80-square feet to 320-square feet, making them appropriate for storing everything from vehicles to household goods. The uses you put them to is limited only by your imagination.
Shipping containers are becoming extremely popular. Whether you want to ship a car, store your car or convert it into an outside office, a shipping container is the way to go. K's Containers in Denton, TX offers a variety of sizes so you can choose what works best for you. Shipping containers can be modified to accommodate whatever the need and K's Containers will get you started on your project.
Shipping Container — Office Shipping in Denton, Texas
Your shipping container can be moved by truck, train or freighter ships. This allows for shipping anywhere you need something sent. K's Containers in Denton, TX are your local expert on shipping containers and we've helped hundreds of our customers get the perfect container and get it converted, modified or shipped off.
Our Products Include:
  • 40-foot by 8-foot Containers
  • 20-foot by 8-foot Containers
  • 10-foot by 8-foot Containers
Affordable and Convenient Delivery
Don't break the bank for some additional storage space. Our lease-purchase plan is affordable, and we will deliver your container anywhere. In addition, all containers are water- and rodent-proof for added safety.
Great Customer Service
Our family-owned-and-operated business has more than 40 years of experience in the industry and is dedicated to providing unbeatable customer service to the Denton area.

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